Cassidy the Poetic Mathematician

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    Cassidy the Poetic Mathematician at Athena’s

    I love helping kids expand their interests and explore different subjects! I’ve found that gifted kids are really quick to pick up new concepts and adapt them to their wants and needs. It leaves a lot more room in classes to have fun, and everybody learns more! I always try to keep kids engaged with different activities and other interactive content. With an environment that’s well-suited for discussion, they tend to get more from classes and enjoy it more too. 

    Cassidy the Poetic Mathematician is a Davidson Young Scholar who is passionate about math and poetry.

    Cassidy enjoys the Art of Problem Solving classes, including calculus. She has attended Epsilon and MathPath Camps for many years. Cassidy started writing poetry when she was eight, by writing one type of poem every day of April, National Poetry Month. After that, she compiled her poems into a book along with instructions for each type of poem, and published her first book, Roller Coaster, A Kid’s Guide on How to Write Poetry. From that experience, she realized how fun poetry and writing can be, and has written a book every other years since then. She now has four published books – three related to poetry and one novel.

    The reason why she combines math with poetry is she simply loves both! There are some people that prefer one over the other, and she is combining them to show that both can be fun in a unique, math-poetry hybrid. She has been teaching poetry workshops since 2016. When Cassidy was in eighth grade, she traveled around the world and taught poetry workshops along the way! She currently leads monthly, free mathematical poetry workshops for the homeschoolers in her community through her non-profit organization, iPoetTree. Through online classes, she wants to expand her reach and help kids all over the world realize that both writing and math can be fun!

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