Prof. Lauren Allen

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    Prof. Lauren Allen, instructor at Athena's Homeschool Academy
    Prof. Lauren Allen at AHA

    Passion drives true education.  My primary goal is to help find and inspire that passion. Everything else students learn is just icing on the cake!

    Lauren Allen has a degree in History from U.C. San Diego. Post-degree, she extensively studied Classical Languages and Literature; Classical Latin since 2012, and Attic Greek since 2014. She has extensive experience with Medieval Latin, Homeric Greek, Old English, linguistics, and history. Lauren is also a homeschooling parent with a deep appreciation for learning. She passionately enjoys the classical language subject area and continues to improve her skills and knowledge by chasing new threads, tying up old ones, and going down new avenues that can lead to greater insight. Lauren believes that real knowledge shouldn’t be covered up, hidden until ‘prerequisites’ are met, or dumbed down. As a homeschooling parent, she hopes her children will be able to experience this true, deep learning. As an instructor, it is always her goal to foster this kind of learning in her students.

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