Our Students

    What makes Athena’s Homeschool Academy so special?

    Besides our engaging courses, our students are the ones who make Athena’s Homeschool Academy (AHA) so extraordinary. Working with homeschooled kids, we know they are full of ideas, passion, and curiosity. They are the reason we strive to make AHA a warm, welcoming place to grow and learn.

    Once in the webinar room, students text chat with each other and the instructor before class begins. During the lessons, students share their thoughts and ideas about the subject by typing using text chat and verbally via their microphones. The conversations often continue after the webinars and students head back to the classroom to “Open Chat,” to text chat with each other in real-time.

    We want to give homeschooled kids the opportunity to connect with other homeschoolers who share their passions and curiosities – having fun while learning with each other. In our virtual classrooms, through threaded discussion forums, students begin to get to know each other even before the first webinars. During the week, students discuss class topics through threaded discussion forums and support each other with positive feedback. 

    As we grow, all of Athena’s Homeschool Academy’s students will be able to come together on our Social forums, where there are a variety of forum topics being discussed. We will even have a Mini World–an entire community within a community where imagination abounds!

    We believe amazing things can happen when we’re together. It’s what community is all about – and we welcome you.

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