Athena’s Earns Accreditation

    by Dr. Kirsten L. Stein, Athena’s Founder

    Cognia Accreditation Seal for Athena's Homeschool Academy

    February 22, 2022, marked a milestone moment. On that date, Athena’s Advanced Academy, Inc. and, by association, Athena’s Homeschool Academy became recognized as an accredited educational organization by the Cognia Global Accreditation Commission. We are honored to be connected to Cognia and share this connection with our students, families, educators, and staff.

    I am so proud of and inspired by our broad community. I am looking forward to seeing where our commitment to educating students takes us.

    Whether you’ve been here from the beginning or are just now becoming a part of our community,
    thank you for joining us on this journey!

    Official Press Release


    1. I am so excited and happy for all the students, their families, and the teachers.
      As an educational therapist, it is fantastic to have Athena as an accredited and excellent source for community, classes, and meeting our need of curiosity and growth.

    2. Dear Dr. Kirsten,

      I am elated to hear the news! Athena’s is WHALE and beyond deserving this accreditation!

      Congratulations from all of us on this special day!


    3. Congratulations, Dr. Kirsten! We appreciate your hard work for the gifted community! We love your classes so much!

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