Prof. Emma Stein

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    Prof. Emma Stein, instructor at Athena's Homeschool Academy.
    Prof. Emma at AHA

    Emma Stein has loved learning from an early age. She graduated from high school with honors through a charter school, homeschooling, and online classes at the age of 14.

    Emma went on to earn an A or higher in every college course she took within her field.

    In 2018, Emma received college achievement awards for her outstanding work in botany and zoology. Emma was also honored as the sole recipient of the award for the college’s top student in the field of biology. Additionally, Emma was hand-picked by the college staff to receive a service award for going beyond and helping others.

    Emma graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2020 with Highest Honors in her major and research experience. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree and managing a research project.

    Emma began teaching at Athena’s Advanced Academy, Inc. as a Junior Instructor in 2016.

    Emma loves helping students learn about the world’s marine organisms and ecosystems. In her free time, Emma enjoys spending time with her rabbit, exploring tide pools, reading, and researching marine ecosystems. She is currently working toward a Master’s degree in Marine Biology from Bangor University in Wales.

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